This blog, written for TheAppLabb, tackled why it’s important to prioritize design when creating an app. Design doesn’t have to mean advanced photoshop tricks or complicated features. Oftentimes design is about boiling a complicated process down into simple steps, putting the user first. In this article I wanted to stress how paying a premium for a design-centred firm would yield long term ROI.

2018 showed us that user experience matters most when it comes to the customer funnel, conversions and SEO. User experience, or UX, bridges the gap between good aesthetics and good function. The end result is a digital product that people enjoy using and will keep coming back to.

This article received good traction on TheAppLabb website, as well as on my personal LinkedIn when I posted it there. It received comments and shares from designers based outside of Canada, sparking a conversation about how to evolve design without disturbing already-satisfied users. These tricky steps, which must be navigated in order for a company to continuously improve themselves, represent why it’s necessary to take design seriously when pitching a product to the world.

The article is copied out below, and the original version can be found here.