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How To Promote Your App

I replied to a Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO) query that asked for actionable tips for how to get your first 5000 users for your recently released app. Sometimes you don’t have a big budget to broadcast the news of your app to a wide audience. In that case, it’s time to get creative and resourceful when getting people to hit “download”.

Here is my response to the query, which was published by fupping.com in their article:

“Network marketing should not be undervalued. Your friends and family are already fans of you and are much more receptive to your ideas than strangers would be. Tap into your own personal community to get those first few downloads. If even a few people say good things about your app to those in their circles, your app has a chance of catching on by sheer word of mouth. And this type of marketing is free.”

Having had to work with limited budgets on a number of occasions, I cannot emphasize enough the value of pitching to your inner circle. The first burst of progress in any new business venture is oftentimes the hardest, and most critical. Getting off the ground is the precursor to showing the world what you’ve got. Tapping into your friends and family network is a great way to get some early support, and plants the seed for your idea to germinate into a community.

Getting First 5000 Users
Tips On Getting Your First 5000 Users