I fell in love with storytelling from a young age. I became aware that words could do more than the sum of their printed parts; a well-written paragraph could enable a reader to see a location they had never been to, love someone who wasn’t real, and understand universal concepts by slipping into someone else’s life. The printed page was an escape from an erratic world. It wasn’t too long before I picked up the pen myself and began translating my inner workings into something of a logical semblance.

Alice Donoghue
In Verona, Italy

Writing was liberation at it’s best; putting my thoughts on paper gave me a unique feeling of weightlessness, and relief from my own confusing contradictions. My passion for writing didn’t go unnoticed; as a child I won writing awards, and contributed a regular column to the town newspaper. As I got older I began to see writing as more than an escapist tool: it was a means of making one’s point crystal clear.

I attended Glendon College of York University, studying English at a bilingual French-English campus. Given my passion for communication, I became fiercely interested in learning other languages. I’ve dabbled in Spanish and German over the years, but French has remained the constant. My time at Glendon College was profoundly enriching, not least because I was able to take courses taught completely in French and improve my listening, conversation and writing skills rapidly.

My interest in marketing germinated while I was studying English. The selection of just the right word for an essay title, the persuasive purpose of an essay itself, I began to connect to the media I consumed. I began to evaluate marketing material I came across, and developed respect for self-aware marketing that conveyed value while tickling the consumer’s delight. I became interested in the blend of factors that caused content to make people nod and say “You know, I’ve never tried x product before, but I loved that ad so much that I think I’ll give them a try”.

Of course, a marketers job is not just to write. It’s to understand their consumer base, figure out the best channels by which to reach them, develop and test campaigns and analyze the results for better performance next time. This requires a multi-faceted approach, and multi-talented team members. That’s why I continue to develop my skills in graphic design, and am always connecting with skilled colleagues that can complement what I offer.

Marketing, for me, is the best combination of human touch and hard data. Too much of either spoils the broth. It’s the perfect stream for someone like me: someone who is passionate about connecting through authentic communication, in line with a strategy to achieve tangible goals.

When I’m not nerding out on marketing, I’m probably taking dance classes, playing piano or checking out networking events such as TechTO or MarketingTO. Or, I’m collecting brain fodder for my blog www.aliceinthematrix.com.